Academic Committees - AACs and PACs

History and Importance of the Academic Committees

In the early years of the AGSC/STARS Program, the members of the AGSC agreed that the foundation of the statewide articulation program had to rest with the academic faculty across the state who serve as the experts in their chosen academic fields. As a result, the AGSC set out to establish different academic committees that would take on the role of reviewing possible transfer courses and making recommendations to the AGSC regarding course approvals and template ratifications.

The AGSC established General Studies Academic Committees (GSACs) to review courses for AREAS I-IV and ratify templates that fell within their discipline area (in the summer/fall of 2018, the 21 GSACs were restructured into 3 AREA COMMITTEES). In addition they created Professional Academic Committees (PACs) that primarily focused on ratifying templates that serve the needs of transfer students who choose to major in various professional type programs. Through this review/approval process, official transfer guides are created and made available to thousands of students who attend public community colleges in Alabama. This process has been a tremendous success and continues today. To learn more about these committees, click on the buttons provided below.

The AGSC Academic Committees are divided into the following two groups:

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Area Academic Commitees

Professional Academic Committees


NOTE: In Summer/Fall of 2018, the AGSC voted to restructure the existing General Studies Academic Committees (GSACs) and streamline these groups into three broader AREA Committees. Minutes from these meetings can be otained by visiting our MINUTES page.