A Message from the 2013-2014 AGSC Chair...

Dear Supporters of the AGSC/STARS Program:

It has truly been a privilege to serve as the 2013 – 2014 Chair for the AGSC/STARS program. Words fail to accurately communicate my gratitude for the conscientious work product delivered by each AGSC/STARS committee member!  The impact of the AGSC/STARS program touches literally thousands of students matriculating through Alabama’s institutions of higher education. Created in 1994, AGSC/STARS is truly a model system of cost efficiency, responsiveness and transparency, saving the taxpayers of Alabama literally tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Thanks to the excellent work of this year's AGSC/STARS team, the following accomplishments were realized:

  1. We recently passed the one million mark in printed transfer guides since the fall of 1998. Surpassing the one millionth milestone translates into billions of saved dollars for Alabama taxpayers over the past 16 years. This is truly a program about which we all can be very proud!
  2. We successfully informed our lawmakers about the importance of AGSC/STARS and the valuable impact it has on higher education in our state. The legislation creating AGSC/STARS is truly a high point for Alabama higher education.
  3. We were able to successfully obtain an increase in program funding, thanks to the generosity of our state legislature. This budget increase represents the first in five years.
  4. We successfully launched a new website last summer which now has been used by thousands of college students, administrators, faculty and staff members.
  5. We updated our technology (a new server, PCs and printers) to replace antiquated equipment.
  6. We continue to work with academic/curriculum committees and faculty members across our great state to review and approve templates and courses that serve as the foundation for the STARS transfer guide system.

These successes and many more would have been impossible had it not been for the excellent work and strong leadership of Dr. Keith Sessions and his very able staff! Thank you, Dr. Sessions!

Thanks to everyone for a great year!


Dr. Mark A. Heinrich
AGSC CHAIRMAN -- 2013-2014