A Message from the 2016-2017 AGSC Chair...

Last September, the Articulation and General Studies Committee received the results of a commissioned external review of the STARS program. The review identified the strengths of the STARS project such as a small but experienced and dedicated STARS staff and the impressive number of students (1.2 million and counting since 1998) who have been aided in the transfer process by STARS transfer guides.

The STARS staff and the AGS Committee began immediately to address areas for improvement. These included more convenient access to STARS web based resources from mobile devices; a quick, easy way for a STARS user to submit a question to staff or register a complaint; and greater clarity regarding degree requirements in the Area V section of the STARS guides.

This proactive response to the results of the external study are indicative of the commitment of the staff and AGS Committee members to ongoing improvement in the STARS system. In the pages of this Annual Report you will find evidence of the continued value of STARS in helping students to avoid losing time, money, or course credits as they make progress toward degree completion.

It has been my privilege to serve as the Chair of the AGSC for the past year.


Suzanne Ozment, PhD
University of Montevallo