A Message from the 2015-2016 AGSC Chair...


Serving as the chair for the Articulation and General Studies Committee (AGSC/STARS) has been an extraordinary experience for me working with colleagues from our colleges and universities in the State of Alabama.  I have witnessed the dedication of commitment of the AGSC/STARS Committee members working together to maintain the mission and focus of the program in support of our students.  I want to personally thank each one of you for performing your responsibilities on this Committee.

The AGSC/STARS Program has been in existence since 1994 as a system based upon collaboration and cohesiveness among Alabama’s two-year colleges and public universities.  The Committee’s focus has been on providing a seamless process for the transference of academic credits and avoidance of course duplication for transfer students.  The AGSC/STARS Program represents a model system of cost efficiency, responsiveness, and transparency.

Over the past year we have also focused on an evaluative process designed to improve all facets of the AGSC/STARS System.  The results are being prepared to be presented to the Committee for its use in providing continuous improvement in our service to the citizens of Alabama.  Additionally, we have approved new course offerings to support the curriculum for today’s students and we have taken an active role in developing a System-wide reverse transfer process to create a “win-win” situation for students, their home institutions as well as their transfer institutions.

The new academic year is upon us, so let us look forward to a more productive 2016-2017 Academic Year serving the students in our colleges and universities.  Again, thank you AGSC/STARS Committee for your service!!!

Dr. Crawford

2015-2016 AGSC/STARS Chairperson
Lawson State Community College