A Message from the 2020-2021 AGSC Chair...

It is my sincere pleasure to serve as chair of the Articulation and General Studies Committee (AGSC). The overarching goal of the AGSC is to facilitate the transferability of coursework among Alabama public colleges and universities.   In 2020‐2021, the dedicated AGSC Committee members met virtually due to COVID‐19 protocols. In collaboration with the STARS staff, the AGSC members continued work on several priorities designed to enhance students' successful transfer between Alabama colleges and universities. These priorities include:

  • Analyze and consider changes and modifications to the AGSC General Studies Core and Pre-professional Curriculum and Electives templates ensure their relevancy and efficiency for today’s transfer students;
  • Host the annual ACHIEVE Transfer Student Success Conference; Review Advanced Placement (AP) Credit requirements;
  • Work with institutions to gain consensus regarding acceptable AP scores across the state;
  • Investigate current STARS usage and performance metrics; and
  • Revise and update the current AGSC/STARS website.

The AGSC has accomplished much in respect to these priorities. By exploring in greater depth meta‐ majors and guided pathways as potential models, the AGSC members will continue their analysis of changes to the AGSC General Studies Core, better known as the Areas I to V Framework, and the Pre-professional Curriculum and Electives, better known as Area V.  AGSC members completed a review of Advanced Placement requirements at Alabama colleges and universities and proposed acceptable scores across the state. AGSC members hosted the third annual ACHIEVE Transfer Student Success Conference and first virtual conference. The conference's purpose is to foster continued collaboration between faculty, staff, and administrators at Alabama colleges and universities working to better transfer student success. The ACHIEVE Conference is the only large‐scale activity in the state dedicated to transfer student success. Since the launching of the first ACHIEVE Conference, attendance has increased each year. This year over 360 educators attended the conference, up from 250 educators who attended the second ACHIEVE conference. Each year the feedback from the conference is overwhelmingly positive.

The Articulation and General Studies Committee members look forward to continuing their work on behalf of Alabama transfer students in 2021‐2022. We welcome your suggestions and feedback.


Pamela Arrington, Ph.D.
Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Alabama A&M University
2020-2021 Chair
Articulation and General Studies Committee