AGSC Approved Course Listings (Areas I-IV)

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All two-year transfer students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to obtain an individual transfer guide in their chosen major. DO NOT TAKE RANDOM COURSES THAT ARE LISTED AS AGSC APPROVED. The STARS Transfer Guide is designed to provide specific information regarding transfer coursework in a given major. Some majors require specific course selection in AREAS I-IV that, if taken, better prepare the students for success in their junior and senior years. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE GUIDE!


All four-year transfer students should print the approved course listing for their current institution then schedule a time to meet with an advisor or counselor at the institution to which they plan to transfer in order to verify how these approved courses will transfer into their selected program/major. The STARS System DOES NOT provide 4-year to 4-year transfer guides. Therefore, it is the student's responsibility to make sure the courses they are taking at their current four-year institution will ultimately transfer to their designated transfer institution.




One of the primary functions of the AGSC is to work hand-in-hand with the established discipline committees (faculty groups) to approve basic general studies courses for all of the public four-year institutions of higher education and the two-year college system in Alabama. When a course appears on an approved listing it simply means that it has been vetted through the AGSC and degree credit should be awarded upon transfer if the equivalent course is required in the transfer student's chosen major/program.

The public institutions of higher education in Alabama have all agreed to honor and accept the courses approved for transfer by the AGSC. In some cases, additional courses may be required depending on major requirements or accreditation mandates.

Below are links to these approved course listings. You can view them by AREA
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Two-Year Institutions*
Alabama A&M University
Alabama State University
Auburn University
Auburn University in Montgomery
Jacksonville State University
Troy University
University of Alabama
University of Alabama Birmingham
University of Alabama Huntsville
University of Montevallo
University of North Alabama
University of South Alabama
University of West Alabama

* Covers all public two-year community / technical colleges governed by the Alabama Community College System (