History and Background

Transfer students in Alabama had no protection prior to 1994.



In the late 1980's and early 1990's, students who attended Alabama's Public Two-Year Colleges faced many obstacles when it came to transferring completed coursework from their two-year college to a public four-year institution in our state. Often the transfer of credit decision was left entirely up to the receiving institution.

Many of the institutions would not accept certain courses and thus force the transfer student to re-take similar courses after transfer on their campuses under their faculty. This created much confusion, misunderstanding, and mistrust between students, parents and representatives at the transfer institutions.

As a result of great losses in credit, time, and money, students and their parents begin to complain to their state representatives.

In March of 1994, a group of representatives drafted legislation, that if approved would force the two-year and four-year institutions to work together to resolve this transfer issue. As a result, Legislative Act 94-202 was passed and the AGSC/STARS Program was created. The Articulation and General Studies Committee (AGSC) was established and the Statewide Transfer and Articulation Reporting System (STARS) was implemented throughout the state.

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